Student Assistance Program



Student Assistance Programs (SAP) were designed to aid school personnel in identifying and assisting middle and high school level students who may be experiencing problems which may affect academics or behavior at school.  At times, these problems may be related to mental health concerns, depression, suicidal thoughts or alcohol and other substance abuse.  The SAP team utilizes a systematic process, along with specially trained school personnel, to intervene, and refer these students to appropriate in-school and/or community services.


How does SAP work at CHS?

SAP consists of a core group of professionally trained staff of teachers, principals, school nurses, guidance counselors, and counselors from UPMC Behavioral Services Department.  SAP team members meet to review referrals and make appropriate recommendations for services. 

Students can be referred to SAP for different reasons:  violating the district‘s drug and alcohol policy; exhibiting signs of metal health problems, including the risk of suicide; behavioral concerns; or a drop in school performance.  It is important to know that students can be referred to SAP by teachers, school personnel, parents, friends, or by themselves.

Student participation in the program is voluntary and is meant to be a support service for students and families.  All information regarding a student‘s involvement in SAP is confidential and maintained in the best interest of the student.

Who is on the CHS team?


Team Members


Email Addresses 

Dr. Lantz

School Psychologist 

Miss Ray          

Building Secretary

Mrs. Browell

School Counselor

Mrs. Claycomb       


Mrs. Cerully

Assistant Principal 


School Nurse

Mr. Gardner   

Outpatient Mental Health Therapist

Miss Engelberg



Mrs. Lonero


Mrs. Thompson


Mr. Wolf



What services are offered by the SAP team?

Referral Screening

Mental Health Assessment Drug & Alcohol Assessment

Individual Counseling  & Outpatient Therapy

Referrals to outside agencies/services when needed

Support Groups Prevention Services

If you need more information, please contact Ms. Gordon, Central High School SAP Team Coordinator, at:

Central High School

718 Central High Road

Martinsburg, PA  16662

(814) 473-5111